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        A Celebration of A Super Achievement

        Author: hue


        On the morning of Monday July 12th, the children all rolled into class ever so slightly bleary eyed and ever so slightly yawny, but that didn’t stop them being full to the brim with excitement about the events of the previous night. Everywhere the teachers looked, they saw children comparing notes, re-enacting penalties and saves, discussing who they thought was the best player and praising their footballing heroes for a tremendous effort. Although they were disappointed the England team didn’t manage to romp to victory, they were incredibly proud of Southgate and his young team for everything they achieved, and they many of the children are now already looking ahead to the World Cup in 2022! With the success of this year’s campaign….  do we dare to dream? Year 4 certainly think we should. Here they are with some of the portraits they have drawn of their footballing heroes.


        Jacob Edis of Year 4 said, “I am so proud of the team for getting to the final, it was an amazing achievement and it was so lovely to see them cheering each other up after they missed their penalties. It must have been really scary for them with so many people watching them. And they did their best, the Italian gold keeper was MASSIVE!”

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