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        A Mysteriously Monstrous Challenge!

        Author: hue

        WOW! What a crazy couple of days we have had! It all began, at the crack of dawn on Monday morning. First, Mrs Clarke and Miss Grover noticed something unusual was afoot as they began setting up Breakfast Club. They couldn’t put their finger on exactly what was going on, but they sensed there was a rather unusual atmosphere in the air. Then, when early-bird Miss Worrall arrived at school, she noticed a sign hanging on the library door. A sign that definitely wasn’t there when she left on Friday night.

        The sign read ‘Professor Behemoth’s Office. Do Not Enter Without Permission’. Now, Miss Worrall is a very well-behaved teacher and so she did not peek inside. However, shortly after that, the relentless rebel Mr Revell arrived and he decided, as Assistant Head, it was necessary for him to take a peek to ensure nothing dangerous lay lurking within the library walls.

        Well, he could not believe his eyes! Through sheer mysterious magic, the library had become the office of the world famous Monsterologist, Professor Behemoth! Mr Revell felt like he had travelled through a portal. The walls were covered in notes, sketches, cobwebs and maps. The tables and books shelves were stacked with artefacts gathered from around the world, and the air was filled with a damp and musty smell.

        Then, a voice came booming through an old-fashioned radio, an old-fashioned radio that clearly should no longer work. It transpired, the voice came from Professor Behemoth himself and he explained that he needed the help of our children. He was trying to complete his final book all about the wonderful and unusual creatures he had discovered on his travels, from mermaids and unicorns, cyclopes and Cerberus’, to trolls and ogres and phoenixes and werewolves. But he needed one more page about one more creature, and that is where our children would come in.

        As soon as Mr Revell realised what had happened, he ran screeching down the corridor, calling all the teachers to an emergency meeting where he shared his amazing discovery.

        The teachers were THRILLED and couldn’t wait to take their own classes into the office to begin their exciting, once in a lifetime challenge.

        Over the course of the next two days, each and every child visited this remarkable place, where they were able to gather ideas and experience life in a remarkably wonderful and wacky Monsterologist’s Office. The pages they produced were phenomenal and we just know they will all be bursting to share their astonishingly excellent ideas with you.

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