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        An Update from the Friends of Nyansakia

        Author: hue

        Nyansakia News Update:

        October 2020 Nyansakia PAG School reopened for Grades 4 and 8 children.  The school also reached out with homework, supported by our teachers.

        In December the school gained 3rd position out of 10 schools in the end of term Zonal exams, score of 204.45.

        In January 2021 all children returned to school.

        Nyansakia continued to be restricted by curfew but not lockdown, sanitizing and face coverings encouraged.

        One of our support Teachers Rob moved on to government employment replaced by new teacher Samson.

        Three Teachers and Housemother: Standing order increase enabled funding to be completely covered.

        The Special Needs School became independent when appointed a government paid Head teacher and Deputy, FoN continue funding for the housemother and the children continue to access lunch from PAG School. We await further news we have been informed support is greatly needed.


        Feeding the school children of Nyansakia PAG

        Chicken project: 50 chickens purchased on February 5th 2021 – recent report, doing well, 178 eggs collected. The school have very quickly become self- sufficient in organising care and security as well as raising their own funds to purchase chicken feed.

        We envisage our future support possibly just funding for more chickens if and when needed.

        Milk/Cow project:  If the chicken project continues well then funding cows will be the next step with same intention for total self-sufficiency.

        Beans & Maize: By June 2021 the school had used all supplies and for one week only the children were sent home for lunch following on from which the charity sent funds to purchase beans and maize for the duration of the remaining school year – October 1st.

        Planting/Harvest: The charity was able to fund bi-annual planting – Trustees are reviewing ways to establish greater self-sufficiency.


        Photographs attached:

        First group of four photos were taken in July 2020. One of our teachers Rob (seen in the first photo helping to fit face covering) reached out to the community, giving guidance in sanitizing and providing face coverings. And with the funding he received from us for his wage he bought flour to distribute, the group of children and parents are from the school.

        The video is of Grade 4 students singing a folk song for Rob during his farewell.

        Second group of four photos are the chickens – the lady in red dress is Julia the housemother.


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