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        Beth Shalom

        Author: Ad Min

        What an unbelievably, thought-provoking, fascinating and moving day. On the 11th October, Bourne Elsea Park Primary School and Colsterworth Primary School were able to have the most amazing opportunity. By going to the Holocaust Centre, they were able to travel back in time, and consider what it would have been like to live in such devastating yet uncertain times.

        Upon arrival, the children were able to listen to a Holocaust survivor’s story, who gave a fascinating insight into what it was like almost 80 years ago. His incredible story allowed us all to really empathise and reflect on the difficulties children would have faced in such times. Our eyes were opened to how people were so unfairly treated and that we are so lucky to be here today, being able to make a difference, and share our views on fairness and equality for all.

        In the afternoon, we followed Leo’s Journey, and learned all about Kristallnacht, Nazi propaganda and the discrimination that went on, during this terrible time. Both schools found this trip incredible moving and informative, and are so excited to use the experience and knowledge gained from this trip into their writing and history topic over the coming weeks.

        “In all my years of teaching I have never seen such an exemplary group of children: the children were incredibly respectful and it was an absolute pleasure to listen to them ask and converse in such thoughtful, humble and mature conversations,” Mr Revell Y6 Teacher.

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