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        Author: Ad Min

        During the week of 14th October, Year 5 took part in Level 1 and 2 Bikeability training with Outspoken. Outspoken Training ‘aims to inspire people to cycle by equipping them with the confidence and skill to ride more often’.

        Level 1, off-road cycle training through playground games, aimed to develop the children’s control and bike handling skills.  Once Level 1 was achieved the children moved onto Level 2, which took place on realistic, residential roads and aimed to enable the children to ride confidently around their local area. The children learnt a variety of skills including how to pass side roads, make U-turns, understand how and when to signal and pass parked or slow-moving vehicles. It helped them to understand and make independent decisions and use systematic routines including making observations, communicating intentions to others, choosing and maintaining suitable riding positions and understanding priorities on the road.

        ‘The bikeability training is an important part of helping to keep our children safe in and outside school. It equipped the children with more confidence when riding and has given them knowledge of how to ride safely on the roads in and around our school area.’ (Miss Worrall)

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