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        Democracy in Action!

        Author: hue

        Once again, on 23rdh September 2021, the words of British Values could be heard up and down the corridors of Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy as the pupils and teachers felt the excitement of Democracy Day and the school Polling Stations were set up for selection of the new Student Council and Eco Warriors.  Being able to take part in this important day as a whole school again had added to the buzz of anticipation leading up to voting time this year, as the children were going to enjoy their right to exercise their Individual Liberty in the polling booths once more. As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, the children believe emphatically in Article 12, ‘Every child has the right to say what they think should happen and have their views listened to’ and as a result understand the importance and power of Pupil Voice. Having previously heard the rousing and inspiring speeches from each candidate, each class enthusiastically made their way to their school’s polling station, exchanged their polling cards for ballot papers and cast their votes for their new Student Council representatives and Eco Warriors.  Once the voting was completed, pupils had to wait with baited breath for the ballot papers to be counted and expectant looking pupils returned to their classes to take part in other activities, eager to engage in further learning about their British Values.

        On Monday 27th September, after a nerve-wracking weekend, the wait was over as the children attended the BIG RESULTS assembly!  After pupils had been awarded their Golden Award certificates, the names of the winning candidates were read out and they were awarded their certificates and shiny new badges to be worn with pride.

        What an amazing start to the new year, setting up our Pupil Voice superbly and celebrating the diversity, creativity and courage of many new representatives and initiatives in the school.  Well done to all of the candidates who bravely put themselves forward, believing that they can make the school the best it can be and good luck to those successful in their campaign as they take on their new roles as Agents of Change in our school, our local community, nationally and Globally.

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