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        E-Safety Workshops

        Author: Ad Min

        One Day Creative E-Safety Workshops

        On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th February, both children and parents took part in E-safety workshops with Stacey from One Day Creative.  The workshops explored online safety topics through drama.

        Children in Reception and Years 1 and 2 took part in the ‘Cyber-heroes’ workshop.  Focussing on the world of online gaming they investigated the potential dangers and pitfalls of the internet. They explored issues such as online bullying, age appropriate content and in-game chat. The children had a brilliant time inventing their own ‘cyber-hero’ identities to spread the message that being savvy and sensible means the internet stays safe and fun for everyone.

        In KS2, the workshop focussed on Cyber-Bullying and staying safe online. We understand that the internet and online gaming is a big part of children’s lives however they come with a darker side too. This session highlighted the positives of the online world but also the areas to be aware of. They discussed how to be ‘Kind’ online and explored how negative comments online can affect someone even if they can’t see the reaction of the person. Finally, they discussed the idea of photoshopping and how they should be respectful of photos that other people have posted online.

        Miss Worrall (E-Safety Leader) said ‘Every year we look forward to our One Day Creative workshops as they help re-emphasise the message we deliver throughout the whole year. The children learn about the important messages of online safety but in a fun and imaginative way. This year however, we were also very excited to offer parental workshops. These workshops gave parents the basics of how to keep their children safe online. We discussed social media, online bullying, gaming and parental controls. We look forward to continuing our work with parents and carers to help keep our children safe online. ‘

        One parent stated ‘I love how the school educates about the internet, exploring the benefits and dangers without demonising it. Open communication with trusted adults is encouraged, which I feel is key in keeping our children safe. I believe Elsea Park teachers have done an amazing job of preparing my children for the next step in their journey. Thank you, Elsea Park for helping me to navigate these tricky and uncharted water or parenting preteens online.’

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