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        How To Become a Professional Chocolate Taster!

        Author: Lorna Ockwell

        On Tuesday 24th May, our Year 3 children began their training as chocolate tasting experts.

        They began by learning about the origin and production of chocolate and they were introduced to a man named Duffy who runs his very own chocolate factory in Lincolnshire, he’s Lincolnshire’s very own Willy Wonka! They heard how he had become obsessed with making the world’s best chocolate, and had then gone on to show enormous amounts of perseverance and determination in order to achieve this goal!

        The children then learnt about the tasting process; including the roles of the different parts of the tongue and our sense of smell. To highlight the importance of our sense of smell when we taste, they carried out a blind-fold experiment.  Working with a partner, they took it in turns to wear a blindfold, while the other held different edible delights in front of their nostrils. They had to identify the different aromas and were surprised at just how different the smells were! Some were strong, some were subtle, some were sweet and some were even ever so slightly unpleasant!

        Then, at last,  it was time to taste the chocolate! But before the tasting began, the children looked at 4 different descriptions of the tastes they might encounter in the chocolates they were about to sample. Their challenge was to match the chocolate with the descriptions. Nearly all the children preferred the lighter coloured chocolate with its fruity flavours. But Miss Ockwell was won-over my Duffy’s award-winning chocolate from Honduras! ‘It is absolutely delicious, and I would happily pay a little bit more knowing some of my money is going directly to the farmers to make sure they have better lives and are working to protect the environment,’ she said.

        We know have a flock of keen chocolate tasters working their way round Bourne, so if you fancy a nibble, get in their quick before the shelves are emptied!


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