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        It’s Day 7 In Tadpole Town

        Author: hue

        Click on this link to see our pals in action. IMG_2443

        What to Feed Your Aquarium Tadpoles

        It’s been an exciting week in Tadpole Town! Our little buddies have needed to have their water changed and topped up with fresh river water collected by the one and only Miss Ockwell, and, far more importantly, THEY’VE GROWN LEGS! Not 4 legs, that would crazy, but 2 skinny back legs each. They’ve also begun to slim down a little and they look less like black bubbles and are becoming more frog shaped.


        We absolutely love watching our little pals munching on lettuce and pond weed, so much so, we’ve given in to temptation and named them. There’s:

        • Tad
        • Pole
        • Little David Attenborough Junior
        • Peanut Butter
        • Lincoln Loud
        • Ash
        • Obsidian
        • Speck

        Aren’t they just the best names? Pop back soon to see what changes occur next!

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