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        MP Gareth Davies Visits Our School!

        Author: Lorna Ockwell

        On Friday 25th February 2022, an air of hushed excitement filled the corridors as the pupils of Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy continued their learning as usual but in anticipation of a rather special visitor!  Gareth Davies MP, Member of Parliament for the constituency of Grantham and Stamford, in response to a letter from our UNICEF Ambassadors and Student Council representatives, had accepted an invitation to visit our school, largely to discuss the children’s views about Climate Change but also to see the incredible learning that takes place.  On arrival, Gareth Davies met with Mr Peter Bellamy, Acting Head of School and Mrs Rebecca Bradley, Assistant Head of School before taking a tour of the school.  Taking his time to visit each class, he showed keen interest in the different subjects taking place and the enthusiastic learning he experienced, chatting with the pupils about their topics, styles of learning, Class Charters, Reading and roleplay corners.

        To conclude his tour, various representatives of Pupil Voice including UNICEF Ambassadors, Eco Warriors, Collective Worship and Student Council representatives met with Gareth Davies MP to put their ideas forward about how to tackle Climate Change.  Their knowledge about the environmental issues concerning them and their passion for action was clearly impressive and astonished their visitor who was surprised at just how enthusiastic they were about using their voices for change.  Suggestions from the pupils such as electric buses, cheaper electric cars and free Bikeability lessons were proposed to tackle fuel emissions, a ban on single use plastics and reduction in the use of Palm Oil were put forward as solutions to environmental problems and finally more Eco Schools and learning about Climate Change being included in the National Curriculum were suggested to enable more children to learn about these pressing Global issues.  One pupil stated that “ This was such an exciting opportunity, to really have our voices heard by a real Member of Parliament”.

        After a photo opportunity by our fantastic Plastics display, Gareth Davies MP said he looked forward to receiving more letters from the pupils and would love to visit the school again soon.  Well done to all of our pupils and staff for showing the Elsea Park Wow Factor as always and in particular for our Pupil Voice representatives for being Agents of Change and for taking the opportunity to champion their UNICEF rights and Eco wishes.

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