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        Mrs Moore’s Rainbow Challenge

        Author: Ad Min

        During the first lockdown, Mrs Moore was thrilled to receive so many pictures of your beautiful ‘geese’ Take Care homework, so she thought she would set you another challenge for this lockdown. Mrs Moore shared the story The World Made a Rainbow with you on Friday 29th January and for a follow up challenge, she asked you to create your own extraordinary rainbows using interesting materials. Here of some of the results. Aren’t they wonderful!

        These stunning rainbows have been created in response to Mrs Moore’s Rainbow Challenge

        Oliver in Year 6

        Jacob from Year 4

        Frankie from Year 4

        The Key Worker children from Bourne Elsea Park and Colsterworth (Year 2)

        Eoghan from Year 5

        Georgia in Year 5


        Jamie in Year 5

        Milla from Year 5

        Molly from Year 2


        Archie from Year 2.


        Noah in Year 1.




        Emeli in Year 4.

        Ala in Year 4


        Emilia in Year 2


        Charlie in Year 1


        Lilja in Year 1


        Logan in Year 1



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