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        Remarkable Remote Learning Success Stories

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        Well, we may be in lockdown, we may be working from home, it may be rather bleak outside, but that won’t stop us achieving great things! This post is dedicated to some of the truly outstanding pieces of work you have completed during this current lockdown. You really should be so proud of yourselves, we certainly are very, VERY proud of you! Keep working hard and keeping popping back to take another peek, you never know, your Take Care work could be on display one day soon!

        Here is Barney with his Stone Age inspired spear!

        Harriet channeled her inner Mary Berry and rustled up some amazing butterfly cakes. Not only that but she used some top-notch IT skills to create this amazing video! I am STUNNED!


        Come and browse Year 2 gallery of portraits of King Charles II. I think you’ll agree they truly are quite remarkable!

        Emilie in Year 2 has just finished 20MILES of running this month, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve done 20METRES of running this month. Amazing work Emilie!

        Here is Amelie, taking on the role of Ernest Shackleton, doing everything she can to persuade her troops to continue with their adventure. Would you be persuaded? I think so!



        Year 5 had a fantastic art filled day on Thursday 28th January. where they completed collages of Ancient Greece. These really are jaw-droppingly good! Well done Year 5!



        Aubree and Lily have used a variety of materials to create stunning artwork depicting street scenes of London as it looked in 1666.


        Leo is blown away to discover the bean that has been growing in the dark, is taller than the bean that has been growing in the light!


        Mia has produced a wonderful fact-file all about Greece! Ooooo I can’t wait until we go back to the Old Normal, I shall definitely be booking a holiday to this stunning destination! Thank you Mia!

        CLICK HERE TO READ Mia’s Fact File


        After reading the amazing myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, Luke wrote a phenomenal description of the labyrinth.


        CLICK HERE to read the typed version

        Here is Jayzen’s picture of his snow day on Sunday 24th January.

        Zofia made a fantastic model of Christopher Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria.

        Barney has been using his senses to explore Bourne Woods. Brilliant camera work Barney and Co.

        Ala has used a classification key in science to group her vertebrates.

        Joseph’s stunning artistic representation of Cosmology!








        Archie shared his learning about mosques in a super-snazzy Powerpoint! It’s incredibly professional Archie!

        Allow me to introduce Ernest Shackleton (Jacob) presenting the advert he produced in an effort to recruit his squad.


        Here we have Amelia, winning the Reading in a Weird Place competition. Those slippers sure do bring a touch of glamour to the skip!





















        Amari enjoyed taking part in Mindful Monday. She looks so very peaceful doesn’t she!















        Take a look at Jack’s research on mosques. Isn’t it beautiful!














        Here’s is Harrison’s mosque he created as part of his R.E learning about the Islamic faith.















        Here is Tilly going Penguin crazy!











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