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        Switch Off Fortnight Has Begun

        Author: hue

        Eco Warriors have been busy with our ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ campaign as part of our Eco Schools energy topic. We feel this is especially important this year with COP26 taking place. 

        Our Eco Warriors led a Collective Worship for the whole school to help raise awareness of our ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ campaign. They shared top tips of how we can save energy and money both in school and at home

        During Switch Off Fortnight, our Eco Warriors will go undercover in their own classroom and complete an energy audit to find out just how many appliances and lights are left on during lunchtimes. 

        Over the two weekschildren will be taking part in lessons led by their teachers, focussing on saving energy. Mr Keeffe, our Site Manager, will take meter readings with the Eco Warriors and then they will calculate how much energy we have saved throughout the fortnightAt the end of the fortnight, the children will once again go undercover and complete a second energy audit to see if their energy saving mission has been successful. 

        We cannot wait to see what difference we can make.

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