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        The Froggies Find Their Freedom

        Author: hue

        It seems like only yesterday, Year 4 became the proud owners of a batch of 8 tiny tadpoles. In fact, it was 2 whole weeks ago! But since then, the children have cared for their little buddies, observed them, named them and even come to love them. But most importantly, for the last two weeks, the children have watched in awe and wonder as these little mites have made their remarkable transformation from wriggly, black squiggles into handsome, hopping frogs. And boy can they hop! In fact, they became so good at creeping, crawling, sticking and hopping, that Year 4 had to bring their release date forward. They couldn’t risk the tiny froggies escaping, so Miss Ockwell prepared the transportation vessel and took them back to their rightful home. Her trusty sidekick kept a close eye on the 8 frogs to make sure they all swam happily away, and we are pleased to announce our mission to give these little rascals the best possible start in life has been a HUGE success.

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