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        Today We Helped To Change The World

        Author: hue

        This afternoon, Years 3 and 4 came together for a very special afternoon. The session started with an assembly presented by Grieg Trout from 52 Lives. Grieg taught us all about the amazing physical, mental and social benefits of being kind. Did you know, being kind not only slows down the ageing process, but it also helps us live longer?!

        Grieg then told us about a very special little boy called Oscar who was born with a very rare disease. But the good news, was that Oscar will soon be celebrating his 10th birthday. So Grieg asked us if we could be incredibly kind in order to make this special little boy’s birthday one he would remember for a long time. Grieg asked us if we would make Oscar special birthday cards and presents. Obviously we jumped at the chance! Especially when we found out Oscar loves the Avengers and so we could make Avengers themed cards and presents. So we ran back to our classrooms and spent the afternoon creating cards, posters, costumes, ornaments and many more fabulous items for Oscar to receive on his special day.

        All in all, we had an amazing afternoon learning about the benefits of kindness, and our hearts are filled with pride knowing we will have made Oscar’s birthday a truly special day.

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