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        UNICEF World Children’s Day

        Author: Ad Min

        On Wednesday 20th November 2019 Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy continued their journey with UNICEF by once again celebrating World Children’s Day, this time marking the 30th anniversary of the UNCRC- United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. As an introduction to this year’s Outright Campaign the children are focusing in particular on four Articles set out in the Convention linked to varying problems for children growing up in today’s world,  these being the Right to an education, good health, having their voices heard and having access to correct, safe information online.   During the day, the children took a look back at what life was like before these Rights came into being and carried out various activities focusing on the UNICEF articles they felt were most important and relevant to themselves in their lives today, some children exploring how life was for their parents and families growing up without these Rights.  As the pupils continue to seize opportunities to be Agents of Change themselves, they began to take inspiration from young people who are becoming the leading lights of action around the Globe, such as Greta Thunberg, Muzoon Almellehan and Asean Johnson.  The day ended with an assembly led by the Student Council and Unicef Team, encouraging their peers to think about projects of concern they feel need action and change, and empowering them to use their voices to write letters to their local MPs about their concerns and choosing how to campaign on these issues locally, nationally and internationally.  Who knows, maybe the next Greta Thunberg could be in our midst!

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