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        Volcano Day!

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        On Wednesday, we spent the entire day erupting with excitement as we explored the mighty and magnificent world of volcanoes. We began by learning about where these phenomenal wonders can be found and how they are created. Although some of us thought an adventure around the Ring of Fire would be awesome, most of us decided we would rather stay away. We watched videos illustrating how the magma from the Earth’s core makes its way to the surface and just how destructive it can be when it explodes through the crust. We learnt about the different types of volcano and we were surprised to find out that not all volcanoes are cone shaped. Once we erupting with facts, we studied a number of paintings of volcanoes, we identified how different effects had been created using various mediums and expressed our preferences. Then it was time for us to produce our own masterpieces! Our first challenge was to create a volcano picture using all 4 mediums (pencil crayons, oil pastels, chalk pastels and watercolours). During this challenge, we investigated how each could be used in different ways to create different effects. While doing this, we soon established which mediums we enjoyed using the most and would therefore use for our final masterpiece.

        When all the art was complete, we created fact-files showcasing all of the amazing learning we had done throughout the day, and for the final flourish, we got to use our Science learning looking at chemical reactions that produce gas, as we created our very own volcanic eruptions!



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