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        Watch Out! The Mini Police Are About!

        Author: Lorna Ockwell

        Did you notice cars being extra careful as they drove around the Bourne Elsea Park estate on Wednesday 2nd March 2022?  That is because the Mini Police from Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy were on the lookout for anyone driving over the speed limit of 30 mph in the neighbourhood of their school and the Community Centre.  Having been taught about The Fatal Four (Speeding, Drink driving, Using a mobile, Not wearing a Seatbelt) reasons for car related fatalities by PCSO Possnett, the Mini Police had made posters and driving offence tickets to be given out to drivers should they driving over the speed limit or committing one of the above offences.  Proudly wearing their Mini Police uniforms and Hi Viz jackets, they took it in turns to use the speed gun to log the speed of on coming traffic, showing smiley faces or sad faces depending on the speed they had logged.  Many cars were very respectful of their duties and gave a smile and a wave as they passed the children, being glad that they were helping to keep their community safe.  Luckily no speed offenders were clocked and no speeding tickets were given out. Phew and well done to drivers in the local vicinity, it is good to know that children walking around the Elsea Park estate are safe and sound!  Look out for your local Mini Police as they will out about helping the community again soon!

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