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        Watch Out! There Are Mummies About! Quite a Few of Them Actually!

        Author: hue

        Today we launched our That’s Not My Mummy topic with our WOW! starter. And what a WOW starter it was!  While we were in Collective Worship, a strange being broke into our classroom and an eerie silence fell over it. Candles flickered in the darkness as the lights refused to work.
        When we returned to our classroom, we realised we had been set a mighty challenge. We were to carry out a mummification!
        First, we had to research the process of mummification to ensure we knew all the steps. Then, we were presented with our bodies. We carefully followed to detailed instructions we had been given, and took great pride in removing the 4 vital organs to be preserved for all eternity, before cleaning, drying and wrapping the poor dead bodies before us.

        Take a look at our mummified corpses. Not bad for a first attempt!

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