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        Mini Police and the case of Whodunnit?!

        The Gruffalo library turned into the scene of a crime this week in Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy as our Mini Police once again took on another exciting National project, CSI.  Walking into the library, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a scene from Silent Witness, ‘Do Not Enter’ tape, finger prints and footprints around the room along with blood remains (not real of course!) After learning about how each of these could be examined and used as evidence, the Mini Police were challenged to work out the cause and perpetrator of the crime.  Dressed in white forensic suits, our intrepid investigators, with help from PCSO Graeme Parrott, studied how to match up footprints from different shoes, lift and dust for fingers prints, take DNA swabs from blood samples and suspect’s mouth swabs then piece the clues together.  ‘It was amazing!’ said one of our Y5 Mini Police.   ‘So interesting but so much fun!’  Well done Mini Police, you really are the crime prevention of the future!

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