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        Who’s Been Having a Snack-Attack in MY Library?!

        Author: hue

        On Wednesday 5th January, we were met with a picnicking-problem like no other.

        Around 9:00, Miss Ockwell received a call from a very distressed Mr Bellamy. He told Miss Ockwell how he had planned a surprise picnic for the staff to welcome them back after the Christmas break. He explained how he had sneaked into the library after school on Tuesday 4th January in order to prepare and present his banquet for his fellow colleagues. Initially Miss Ockwell was thrilled by this revelation (she loves a buffet almost as much as she loves being a teacher) but she soon realised all had not gone according to plan. Mr Bellamy then went on to describe how he had entered the library early on Wednesday morning, only to discover his entire picnic had been wrecked. Every single thing had been devoured. Sandwiches had been scoffed, strawberries had been slurped, pickled onions had been pinched and crisps had been crunched. Every last morsel was gone. Not only that, but the picnic site itself had been trashed, with cups, plates and bowls upturned and decorations destroyed.

        Poor Mr Bellamy didn’t know which way to turn. On one hand he was utterly devastated, but on the other hand, he was FURIOUS! He wanted to find out who was responsible for demolishing his picnicking-party. And that was why he rang Miss Ockwell.

        Since our classroom is directly opposite the Library, Mr Bellamy thought someone MUST have seen something suspicious, and if we hadn’t, we would definitely be able to use our best detective skills to look for clues as to the identity of the callous picnic destroyer (or destroyers!).

        So, we grabbed our iPads and set off to investigate and photograph the site, all the time looking for clues and sharing our theories.

        It wasn’t long before we started finding incriminating evidence. This came in the form of; a glass slipper, golden coins, 3 different sized porridge bowls, an incredibly long golden plait, a bottle labelled Drink Me and a frumpy old night gown. We gathered our evidence and presented our findings and theories to a very disgruntled Mr Bellamy.

        So… now we have established who is to blame, the next question is what are we going to do about it?

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