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        Young Voices!

        Author: Ad Min

        On Wednesday 8th January 2020, children from the choir of Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy joined a thronging mass of no less than 5050 other pupils from 150 schools at Sheffield Arena to sing their hearts out at just one of this year’s Young Voices arena concerts.  After journeying on the coach, (singing our previously prepared songs on the way) children, parents and staff excitedly arrived to see a gradually filling arena with hundreds of empty seats soon to be occupied by eager parents and audience members for the concert of a life time later that evening.  After being introduced to David Lawrence, the conductor, each school gave a wave and our warm up began.  The children then rehearsed for the afternoon and the sound was incredible!  The anticipation grew as the International soloists appeared on stage one by one to rehearse their songs with the ‘World’s Biggest Choir’. Tony Hadley, The Shires and Ruti (winner of The Voice 2018) all wowed us with their vocals! The biggest cheer however came for Andy Instone and his dancing troupe, the very cool and accomplished Urban Strides, who led the children through the brilliant actions and dance moves used to accompany some of the medleys.  You would have thought the children were sung out by then but after a tea break the lights went down, the seats were packed and the concert began.  Spine tingling and awe-inspiring are just some of the words that could describe the moment 5,050 torch lights went on and the first notes were sung.  The thrill of singing with so many other children, the sound of African songs, Pop medleys and Ode to Joy was unimaginable.  The concert concluded with a Queen Medley performed by all of the choirs and soloists together and sent the children home bursting with pride, joy and memories for a lifetime.  Well done choir, yet again your enthusiasm and joy was abounding, we are so proud of you!

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