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        A Whoopsy Whiffling Way to Celebrate Roald Dahl Day!

        Author: Ad Min

        On Monday 14th September, the chidlers of Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy and Bourne Abbey Primary Academy, had the most glorious phizzwizard of a day celebrating the truly remarkable life and times of Roald Dahl.

        The chidlers were complete chatbags as they made their ways to their classrooms; desperate to find out what the day ahead had in store. And they were not disappointed by the rumpledumpus that awaited them.

        Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, teachers were able to share their favourite Roald Dahl snippets with children in multiple bubbles and the children loved joining in with the truly Revolting Rhymes and almost unpronounceable The BFG.

        Then, teachers laid on various activities for the children to dive into, including; mixing their very own marvellous medicines, hunting for Roald’s gobblefunked words and creating their very own Roald Dahl inspired characters for a number of his stories.

        As an extra challenge, the children from Bourne Elsea Park Primary Academy spent time celebrating and admiring their latest mural, painted by the fantastic Christopher Green. But this was no time to relax as the competition was on! How many characters and stories could they spot hidden within the magical mural? Well, we’re still not 100% sure of the answer as we keep discovering more!

        To end the day, the teachers took part in a Roald Dahl themed story time, where they shared a snippet from another of their Roald Dahl favourites. I think it’s fair to say, the children were truly inspired by Roald Dahl’s incredible imagination, and while discussing our Christian Values of Creation and Creativity, Theo and Amari of Bourne Elsea Park Primary Academy were heard squealing, “I have been so inspired by Roald Dahl today, I’m going to go home and write a story in the sunshine!”

        What a truly wondiferous way to end the day!

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