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        Agents of Change

        Being an Agent of Change is a key part of the Christian nature of Bourne Elsea Park. It sounds like the job of a super hero doesn’t it? It is an incredibly important role, but anyone, absolutely anyone can be an Agent of Change. We all have the power to do something, to change one thing that can have a positive effect on the people or world around us. It could be as simple as putting rubbish in the bin, smiling at someone who needs a friend or offering to help with a job. It could be as big as reducing your carbon footprint, raising money for a good cause or campaigning for change. We all have the power to do something good. We celebrate all Agents of Change and would like to share some of the heroes within our  school.

        Well done to Emeli, who entered and won a competition writing a poem about family for The Cedars Care Home in Bourne. The residents especially enjoyed the last line about a cat.

        Well done to Charlie for being an Agent of Change by going litter picking! What a great way to make a change to the world around you!

        Congratulations Kitty for being our youngest member! You earned your place in our Agents of Change gang by collecting rubbish from the river with your best buddy.

        On Monday 6th February, this young fellow became our newest Agent of Change when he helped to free a distressed muntjac that had managed to find his way into the school playground, but couldn’t find his way back out! Not only that, but the Agent identified  the cheeky muntjac’s entrance and positioned a large stone in front of it to ensure no more muntjacs became trapped in the future! Great work sir!


        One group of children who have recently been going above and beyond in their efforts are the Bourne Elsea Park Volunteering Club children. Since September, they have kept their eyes and ears open in order to spot ways they could spread a little love, care, kindness, compassion, support and joy to those around them. Everyone has been impressed by the motivation and enthusiasm they have displayed while taking part, and we are sure they have earned their titles as Agents of Change.  Miss Ockwell, Volunteering Club leader and Year 4 teacher, said “This has been the best club I have ever led. It has been lovely to see the children so enthusiastically discussing ways to improve the world and it makes my heart burst with pride to see their eyes light up as they realise the impact their actions are having on those around them. Well done team! Keep up the good work!”

        Here are a few of the ways they have brought happiness to those around them: making posters for the Tesco Foodbank collection point to make it even more eye catching, making commiserations cards for the King after the passing of his mother the Queen, collecting money for the Macmillian World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, making Christmas cards for the residents of The Cedars, making motivational Christmas and Get Well posters for the children’s ward at Peterborough Hospital, and making Get Well Soon cards for a certain special little girl in our community.

        As we are sure you’ll agree, it’s quite an impressive range of thoughtful acts and they are all full of pride for themselves and each other. I wonder if their actions will inspire you to be an Agent of Change today?


        We would like to thank the Co-op for donating a litter picking kit to our school. We are always looking for ways to improve the children’s understanding of environmental issues and sustainability and the litter picking kit will help us to encourage our children to make a difference to their local environment. We can’t wait to start using it regularly as a means of inspiring and empowering our children to believe they can have a positive impact on our planet and truly become Agents of Change.

        Here are Year 6’s Agents of Change.  Scroll down to see why they believe they deserve the title of Agent of Change.

        Amelie – I am an Agent of Change because I plant lots of plants to provide habitats and food sources for insects, including those all important bees!

        Emeli – I am an Agent of Change because I have adopted an elephant, a jaguar and a tiger. This means these creatures are protected from harm.

        Archie – I am an Agent of Change because I have adopted a penguin. I also work really hard to make sure we use resources wisely in the classroom – Lids on glues people! Lids on glues!

        Kade – I am an Agent of Change because I always try my best to pick up litter and put it in the bin.

        Roman – I am an Agent of Change because every year baby birds fall from the roof and we have to take care of them.


        I am an Agent of Change because I am going on a litter pick with my Grandma! And I think it is going to rain – ALL DAY!