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        Exploring the Past: Year 5’s Victorian Adventure at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

        Author: Lorna Ockwell

        On Thursday 16th November, our Year 5 children embarked on an immersive experience at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse where they were transported back in time to the Victorian Era. As soon as they stepped off the coach, the children found themselves face-to-face with four captivating characters dressed in authentic Victorian clothing (a stern schoolmaster, diligent laundry maid, farm owner and humble workhouse pauper). The day unfolded with a series of engaging activities, providing our children with a taste of various aspects of Victorian life. Working on a Victorian farm, they experienced the daily rituals of caring for cows and horses, gaining a firsthand understanding of the agricultural practices of the time. The exploration continued in a bustling Victorian kitchen and washhouse, where our children lent a hand in the daily chores. They were further challenged in a Victorian schoolroom before meeting with a workhouse pauper to pick Oakham.

        However, the day held an additional layer of excitement as our children were tasked with unravelling the mystery of the stolen pair of silver candlesticks. Throughout the day, they interacted with each character, gathering clues to deduce the culprit!

        We had a fantastic day stepping into the role of Victorian children and discovering what life was really like for different members of society during this era.

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