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        Forgiveness and Compassion

        Two of our Year 6 pupils wrote their own Psalms. These are Psalms, based on Pslam 8, written by Year 6 as part of their Understanding Christianity Creation unit. They have written their own psalms based on their individual Stewardship over the Earth as well as the responsibility that mankind has.

        Save our home

        Lord our Lord
        Thank you for our lovely earth
        You gave us responsibility
        To take care of our animals
        And our only home
        You made it just for us
        Lord our Lord
        We owe you an apology
        Our only home
        Our safe place
        Is slowly being ruined because of us
        We start pollution, climate change and more
        But now it’s hard to stop
        Lord our Lord
        We need to recycle
        I know we can
        We ask for forgiveness
        I know we can stop
        The planet needs saving
        And we can save it
        Lord our Lord



        We Are Sorry,

        Jesus and God
        We ask for forgiveness
        Jesus and God
        We caused pollution,
        We made the world warm,
        We are trying to find a solution,
        Please forgive us.
        We tore down trees,
        We lost animals,
        We are asking you please,
        Please forgive us.
        I know this seems bad,
        And now we know you are mad,
        Please listen to what I have to say…
        We found technology,
        We created businesses,
        We owe you an apology,
        Therefore we are sorry.
        Jesus and God
        We ask for forgiveness
        Jesus and God.