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        It’s the Great Christmas Melt Off!

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        This afternoon we met 4 intrepid explorers. They were snowmen made from different substances. There was Mr Ice, Miss IceCream, Mrs Butter and Ms Jelly. They said they were ready to set off on the adventure of their life times. We were all filled with excitement for them, but we soon realised a problem! Surely these balmy conditions we are currently experiencing in our temperate climate would mean the end of at least SOME of our frosty friends. We told them our fears, but they just shook them off. So… we decided to place bets on who we thought would last the longest (not actual bets obviously! Just pretendy ones!). We created replica snowmen out of butter, ice cream, ice and jelly and and placed them in sleighs on our timed race-track. We checked on the snowmen every 10 minutes, and if they were still in tact, they moved 10cm down the track. Unfortunately, Miss IceCream’s replica didn’t last long and her time of death was recorded as 70 minutes. By this time, Mr Ice had begun to melt, but Mrs Butter and Ms Jelly were holding firm. Eventually, after 3 hours, Mr Ice finally succumbed. It was at this point that we were able to advice Mr Ice and Ms IceCream to cancel their adventures for it was clear they would not end well.

        We then decided to extended our test to include arid and monsoon climates. We created an arid climate by blasting hot air at the snowmen. And although the impact wasn’t immediate, it soon became clear Mrs Butter should stay away from such climates. However, impressively, Ms Jelly still remained firmly in tact, so we exposed her to a monsoon climate by using a pipette to drench her and then we blasted her again with the hairdryer. Amazingly, even the monsoon climate wasn’t enough to get the better of Ms Jelly, and we were proud to tell her she should be fine to continue on her adventure, travelling the world – although she should definitely avoid microwaves as much as possible! We won’t say too much but we’ve got a feeling even a short stint could end in disaster!



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