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        Let’s do the time warp…..Into the Unknown

        Author: Alex Worrall

        Wow, wow, wow! What amazing adventures Year 1 have been on as they time-travelled into the past and bravely explored the unknown in their fabulous class assembly this term! Parents and carers joined their children in a time machine which delved back into history, exploring the dangers, the successes, the challenges and, at times, the discrimination faced by some of the world’s most significant explorers: Columbus, Henson, Earhart and Armstrong. One parent commented that through this topic, “the children have learnt the importance of equality and believing in yourself!”

        The children put on a fantastic performance to entertain and inform the crowd. In fact, they followed the example set by our explorers as they rehearsed and performed with similar perseverance, bravery and determination! In the words of a number of our parents, “It was just amazing to see so many little people urging each other to do well and remembering their parts! Great stuff!” Another parent added, “we are blown away by our Year 1s. Such confidence and incredible memories. Well done!”


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