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        One Day Creative Workshops Reinforce the Importance of E-Safety

        Author: Lorna Ockwell

        Over the last couple of weeks, Year 1 to Year 6 have taken part in E-safety workshops with One Day Creative.  The workshops used drama to explore a variety of online safety topics.

        Children in Year 1 and 2 took part in the ‘Cyber Heroes’ workshop focussing on online gaming. They discussed the potential dangers they may find while playing in the online world, including; online bullying, age-inappropriate content and in-game chat. The children then created their very own ‘cyber-hero’ identities and became online safety champions.

        In KS2, the workshops focussed on talking to strangers while online. The children discussed the importance of keeping their private information private but also what they should do if a stranger did contact them online. They now know not to reply to messages and that they should always tell a trusted adult if they aren’t sure. They ended the workshop by working in groups to create adverts sharing the key messages around E-Safety.

        Both the children and staff look forward to the One Day Creative Workshops each year. They are a great addition to the already broad E-Safety curriculum and they offer a fun and imaginative way to approach different E-Safety topics. This has been especially important over the last couple of years, where children have inevitably spent more time online.

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