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        Pastor Paul Davies Visit

        Author: Ad Min

        On Tuesday 10th March, Year 6 were incredibly lucky to have Paul Davies- a Teaching Pastor from Bourne Baptist Church- come to spend the afternoon with them to help investigate, reflect and discuss the topic Creation Vs Evolution.


        The afternoon was incredibly inspirational with such amazing in-depth questions and discussions happening throughout. It was an amazing opportunity to share the questions that had been boggling our minds, since the start of the topic, and ask questions that make us question our own beliefs and thoughts.

        At times if you shut your eyes you would’ve believed that you were sat in a GCSE theology class. On several occasions, our minds were blown with Paul’s inspirational knowledge and it has only helped us ‘delve deeper’ into the origins of the beginning of the universe and the beliefs of Christians and scientists. We learned how not only can science be conflicting but complementary to one another. Paul mentioned how daunted he was meeting a new Year 6 class full of children, but that by the end he realised how incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and respectful we were.

        He said he we were an absolute delight to visit and would love to come back in the future. Thank you very much Paul for a truly memorable, inspirational and thought-provoking afternoon.

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