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        Safer Internet Day

        Author: Ad Min

        Safer Internet Day 2020 – Together for a better internet – Free to be Me

        Children and staff supported Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 11th February with the theme ‘Together for a better internet’ to promote the safe and responsible use of technology.

        Coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre, it is global campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of technology, which calls on young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping to create a better internet.

        We held an assembly to launch this year’s focus of ‘Free to be me’ focussing on online identity. Our eCadets helped delivery the assembly and the important messages of understanding our online identity and how we need to protect our private information when online.

        Children in KS1 completed different tasks in each year group based on the idea surrounding what makes them unique. Year 1 explored the theme of Free to be me and how it is important that everyone has the right, and confidence to be themselves and express themselves both online and offline. In Year 2 they discussed the meaning of the word identity and read the story Digiduck before designing their own safe profile thinking about what information they would or wouldn’t share online.

        In KS2 children took part in a range of activities, focussing on their online identity. They considered what makes their online identity and created their own identity wheel.  Some classes discussed strategies of how to overcome any problems they face online, whilst others considered what would happen if we were all the same online. Finally, some classes created a web from string and discussed how if we exclude someone the web weakens. This is the same within an online community if we include everyone then it is much stronger.

        Miss Worrall (E-Safety Leader) said ‘Using the internet safely and positively is a key message that we promote in our schools. Celebrating Safer Internet Day annually provides us with an opportunity to re-emphasise e-safety messages which we teach throughout the year. The message this year of online identity encouraged the children to not only consider the dangers of the internet but also to think about what makes the internet great. We really feel committed to our role of empowering children to enjoy their time online safely.’

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