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        Staying Safe Online

        Author: hue

        On Monday 1st November, Dan Hawbrook (Online Safety Officer) from Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership delivered E-Safety workshops to Year 6.

        Dan started by discussing the good side of technology especially during the last year. The children shared their ideas including keeping in touch with family and friends, playing with friends, finding inspiration online, helping with schoolwork and so much more.

        The workshop focussed on online bullying and looking at different scenarios. The children spent time discussing group chats and the positives and negatives of being in one. Dan informed the children of Malicious Communications act and how secondary school children are getting into trouble for their communications online. He reminded the children of his top tips including once you post something online it can be seen or recorded by anyone and don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see.

        Dan ended the session recapping what to do if the children experience online abuse: try not to respond, save a copy, report the user, block them, and tell someone.

        We understand the importance of helping our children to stay safe online especially in the ever-changing world of technology. We also look forward to our workshops with Dan as once again it was a fantastic addition to our E-Safety curriculum and will support our children as they navigate the online world.

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