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        Watch Out – The Mini Police Are About!

        Author: Lorna Ockwell

        The Elsea Park estate was busy on Friday 20th May 2022, as our Mini Police went on a walkabout to play their part in trying to improve the community.  As part of the National Mini Police scheme, the cadets complete a module on Crime Reduction by taking a survey of local housing and the security measures taken to prevent crime and burglary.  They noted crime-prevention measures such as; Neighbourhood Watch stickers, security locks, intruder lights, guarded access, spy holes and locked up wheelie bins. The cadets also noted properties at risk and made recommendations for improvements.  Led by PCSO Jason Possnett, the cadets had previously taken surveys of their own homes and they were amazed by the number of strategies they could implement to keep their homes safe and secure. Their walkabout was made even more exciting, as the Elsea Park Community Centre had invited them to view their CCTV system. Here they learned how, where and why the system works, the privacy laws involved, how much filming can be stored and how it can be accessed remotely in order to help local police and other agencies. One Mini Police cadet said to Miss Davey ‘I found this fascinating as I hadn’t realised how much work was involved with CCTV surveillance and how useful it is, in so many ways!’

        But, the final treat was waiting for the Mini Police back at school. It was here the cadets had the chance to see inside an official Police car AND hear the infamous and deafening siren. Needless to say, this also caused much excitement in the Reception classes who all ran out to see who was being apprehended!

        As this was the last of this year’s Mini Police sessions, a huge thanks was given to PCSO Possnett for once again leading an incredible year of fascinating projects, where the children learnt about a multitude of topics, from Anti-Social Behaviour and the Fatal Four, to Digital Resilience to Acts of Kindness.

        A final commendation must also go to our current Year 6 Mini Police, who will pass on their police caps to a new group of recruits next year as they move onto secondary school.  You have done PCSO Possnett, the National Mini Police scheme and your school proud with your commitment, respect and enthusiasm for all of the learning you have done this year.  We hope you continue to be role models in the community and live out the ethos of the Mini Police.

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