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        World Children’s Day and The UNICEF Outright Campaign

        Author: hue

        November 20th is always a very important day in the UNICEF calendar as it is World Children’s Day.  Commemorating the day that the UN adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF promotes; international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and strategies for improving children’s welfare.  This year, in collaboration with their work through the UNICEF Outright Campaign, the focus was on Mental Health and Wellbeing, and our UNICEF Ambassadors joined with children and youth representatives from around the country in an online presentation centred around this theme.  Presented by staff from UNICEF and various advocates and campaigners, our ambassadors joined in a Q and A session regarding the challenges facing children and their Mental Health, particularly in the light of the current global pandemic.  They heard from an amazing young woman who has raised awareness for the need for mental health support for young people through the NHS in and around the city of Birmingham, and a motivating DJ, musician and writer who championed the need for more understanding when boys need to be able to express their emotional worries or concerns.  One of our ambassadors was particularly inspired by this, stating that, “It is important we understand each gender can do anything”.

        When asked if or how they had been affected by the presentation, our ambassadors said, “It is so important that young people feel confident to use their voices and they feel they don’t have to change themselves to make other people happy.”

        Following on from the presentation, our ambassadors and our ‘Mindfullers’ will be trained in child-friendly Psychological First Aid, so they may help their peers manage their own mental wellbeing and support our school’s Mental Health Mentors.  Another example of how being a Rights Respecting School is helping our children be Agents of Change, helping each other to be the very best they can be!

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