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        Would You Take a Wander in the Woods?

        Author: hue

        To celebrate National Writing Day on Wednesday 23rd June, Year 4 went on a rather unexpected Wander in The Woods as they entered the 100 Word Saga Competition. To get their imaginations running wild, they started by meandering, striding, tiptoeing and darting through the mysterious forest – the unusual noises from the housing development nearby added to the excitement and intrigue as they were remarkably similar to the moans and groans of the beasts the children had recently encountered while reading Beowulf. Once they were literally bursting with ideas, they mapped out the key events of their sagas and then logged on to the writing portal to send their 100words directly to the judges at Young Writers. The children were chuffed to bits with their hard work, as tales of witches, wizards, wolves and unicorns began to evolve. In the blink of an eye, their sagas were written and their entries were submitted. Now all there is left to do is wait… will one of our young authors be lucky enough to win a prize? Only time will tell.

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