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        Year 5 Victorian School Experience Day

        Author: Lorna Ockwell

        On Tuesday 31st October Year 5’s  classroom was transformed into dim, eerie Victorian school room complete with bare walls, a crackling fire and separate desks with flickering candles. To fully embrace the Victorian experience, the Year 5 children were given new identities with authentic Victorian names for the day. Upon entering the transformed classroom, the children underwent Victorian-style inspections. Hands and nails were meticulously examined for dirt, and hair was checked to ensure it met the strict Victorian standards. Drawing inspiration from the characters experience in our class novel, ‘Street Child,’ the children engaged in a series of Victorian school activities. These included writing times tables on slate boards with chalk, reciting the Lord’s Prayer, singing the National Anthem, and participating in drills. The Victorian experience extended beyond the classroom to the playground, where the children enjoyed authentic Victorian games. Stick and hoop races, skipping, and hopscotch brought the historical setting to life. These hands-on experiences allowed the children to connect with the characters in the novel and Victorian era and gain a better understanding of the challenges they faced. Throughout the day, Miss Hornsby played the role of a strict Victorian teacher, ensuring that the children adhered to the discipline and manners of the time. Despite her stern demeanour, the children embraced the experience wholeheartedly, adding an element of fun to the Victorian learning journey. As the day came to an end, the Year 5 children expressed their enthusiasm and curiosity, even asking if they could relive the Victorian experience.

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